Agenda is subject to change

Monday May 13, 2024

Arrivals and Registration

Tuesday May 14, 2024


  • University of Arizona, Kevin Fitzsimmons, F3 Judge, Professor & World Aquaculture Society, Past President

Why Strategics are Investing

  • HATCH, Carsten Krome, Managing Partner
  • Aqua-Spark, Tom Prins, Head of Dealflow
  • Woodside Energy, Jitendra Joshi, Chief Technologist
  • Stridy, Marcel Smits, Founder; Cargill Corporation, former CFO and Chairman and CEO of Asia-Pacific; Angel Investor; Waste -Litter – Recycling enthusiast

The Krill Problem & F3 Challenge

  • Aquatic Feed Technologies, Rick Barrows, F3 CSO, Founder

F3 Krill Replacement Participants

  • APC LLC, Joe Crenshaw, Senior Director of Research & Development
  • BRF Ingredients, Jose Maluf, Head of BRF Ingredients
  • Calysseo, David Bal, Head of Aquaculture & Nutrition
  • eniferBio, Heikki Keskitalo, Business Development Manager
  • Entobel, Gil De Clercq, International Sales Manager
  • NovoNutrients, David Tze, CEO
  • Orffa Additives, Ruud Van Den Berg, New Business Development Manager
  • Phileo by Lesaffre, Jean-Benoît Darodes de Tailly, Global Program Manager – Aquaculture
  • Shaivaa Algaetech LLP, Yashraj Jariwala, CEO
  • Symrise, Vincent Percier, Marketing & Strategic Development Director, Aqua Feed

Scale Up Success Stories

  • Nuseed Nutritional, Benita Boettner, Global General Manager
  • BASF, Brian Siddons, License and IP Strategy Manager, Biotechnology Innovation Center
  • Deep Branch John Hays, VP of Commercial

Innovator Fair

5:00 PM Departure for Networking Dinner at Domenico Winery

  • Keynote: Lanzatech, Jennifer Holmgren, CEO
  • TwoXSea & McFarland Springs, Bill Foss, Co-owner
Wednesday May 15, 2024

Panel: Shrimp Feed/Farms Progress

  • ShrimpVet Lab, Minh Phu AquaMekong, Loc Tran, Founder-CEO;  Nong Lam University at Ho Chih Minh City, Department of Aquaculture Pathology, College of Fisheries, ProfessorEcoSeafood Group (EGS), Founder-CEO
  • SyAqua, Craig Browdy, CTO

Panel: Salmonids and Carnivores Feed/Farm Progress

  • BioMar, Vidar Gundersen, Global Sustainability Director
  • Aller Aqua, Anders Bylling, Group CEO & Vice President
  • The Fishery, Inc, Ken Beer, Founder
  • Rangen, David Brock, Aquaculture Nutritionist

Panel: Chinese Feed/Farm Perspectives

  • Fishfirst (China’s largest aquaculture media platform), Dan LUO; Moderator
  • Bosar, Jipeng XUE, CTO
  • Shenzhen Alpha Feed Co, Chaolin XIANG, Technical Director of Crustacean Feed Department
  • Yuehai Feed Group, Xuezhi ZHU, Vice Technical Manager
  • Zhejiang University, Yan WANG, Professor
  • National Renderers Association (TBD)
  • Jiangsu Fuhai Biotech Co, Zhijun HU, CEO
  • China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Association, Cui HE, Director

Panel: Engaging the Value Chain from Ingredients to Retailers

  •, Mike Tonetti, CEO
  • Bon Appetit Management Company, Maisie Ganzler, Strategic Advisor, Leadership Team & Author
  • Veramaris, Victoria Parr, Business Development Director, NA
  • Cargill, Taylor Voorhees, Sustainability Lead
  • Seatopia, Clark Kissiah, Director of Operations
  • F4F: Food for the Future, Felipe Mayol, COO

Brainstorming Roundtables

Innovator Fair

4:00 PM Departure for Farewell Dinner at Mersea Restaurant (Treasure Island venue with panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay Area)

  • Keynote: Big Idea Ventures, Andrew Ive, Founder & GP


Thursday May 16, 2024

Sustainability: How do we measure it?

  • University of Massachusetts Boston, Michael Tlusty, F3 Judge, Associate Professor
  • Dalhousie University School for Resource and Environmental Studies, Peter Tyedmers, Acting Director and Professor

Sustainability: How do we implement it and create roads to greater adoption?

  • Monterey Bay Aquarium, Jennifer Dianto Kemmerly, VP of Global Ocean Conservation
  • Aquaculture Stewardship Council, Michiel Fransen, Director Standards & Science

Brainstorming Workshop: Future Directions (and Challenges?)