The F3 meeting is an invitation-only meeting where most speakers are also participants.
Speakers attending are listed in the Agenda and noted with an asterisk (*).
  • Aiim Partners (Shally Shanker, Founder & Managing Partner; Ryan Penney, Research Analyst)
  • Aqua-Spark* (Tom Prins, Head of Dealflow)
  • Big Idea Ventures* (Andrew Ive, Founder & GP)
  • Crux Capital (Lev Mass, Partner)
  • For Good Ventures (Kim Kolt, Founder & President)
  • HATCH* (Carsten Krome, Managing Partner)
  • HSBC (Geoff Headington, Managing Director, ClimateTech)
  • iAccelerate (Ron Shigeta, Principal)
  • Meliorate Partners (Brock Mansfield, Managing Partner)
  • Stridy* (Marcel Smits, Founder, Angel Investor, Waste -Litter – Recycling enthusiast; Former CFO and Chairman and CEO of Asia-Pacific, Cargill Corporation)
  • Temasek (Sebastien Pascual, Director of Agribusiness)
  • Tenfore Holdings (Dan Levine, Managing Partner)
  • Unovis (Dan Altschuler Malek, Managing Partner)
  • Woodside Energy* (Jitendra Joshi, Chief Technologist)

Ingredient Companies
  •  Alltech (Alex Tsappis, U.S. Aquaculture Business Manager)
  • AgriKing (Barry Young, Regional Sales Director)
  • APC LLC* (Joe Crenshaw, Senior Director of Research & Development)
  • Aquanzo (Stefanie Lobnig, Cofounder & CTO)
  • BASF* (Brian Siddons, License and IP Strategy Manager, Biotechnology Innovation Center)
  • Bosar* (Jipeng XUE, CTO)
  • BRF Ingredients* (Jose Maluf, Head of BRF Ingredients)
  • Calysseo* (David Bal, Head of Aquaculture & Nutrition)
  • Calysta (Allan LeBlanc, VP, Head of Animal Feed)
  • Chanzi (Andrew Wallace, CEO)
  • Deep Branch* (John Hays, VP of Commercial)
  • eniferBio* (Heikki Keskitalo, Business Development Manager)
  • Entobel* (Gil De Clercq, International Sales Manager)
  • F4F: Food for the Future* (Felipe Mayol, COO)
  • Green Plains Technologies (Steve Craig, Senior Nutritionist – Aquaculture)
  • Jiangsu Fuhai Biotech Co.* (Zhijun HU, CEO)
  • KnipBio (Larry Feinberg, CEO)
  • Laboratoires Phodé (Amine Chaabane, Aquaculture Manager)
  • Lanzatech* (Jennifer Holmgren, CEO; Chad Haynes, Director, Science Strategy)
  • Lucta (Helder Rodrigues Pinto, Feed Additives Director Americas)
  • Menon* (Suresh Menon, President)
  • Montana Microbials (Bob Kearns, Partner)
  • National Renderers Association (TBD)
  • NovoNutrients* (David Tze, CEO)
  • Nuseed Nutritional USA* (Pablo Berner, Aquaculture Lead)
  • Orffa Additives* (Ruud Van Den Berg, New Business Development Manager)
  • Phileo by Lesaffre* (Jean-Benoît Darodes de Tailly, Global Program Manager – Aquaculture)
  • Shaivaa Algaetech LLP* (Yashraj Jariwala, CEO)
  • Symrise* (Vincent Percier, Marketing & Strategic Development Director, Aqua Feed)
  • Unibio (David Henstrom, CEO; Olivier Hartz, Commercial Development Lead)
  • Veramaris* (Victoria Parr, Business Development Director, NA)

  • Aller Aqua* (Anders Bylling, Group CEO & Vice President)
  • Aqqua Grouper (Charlie Siebenberg, CEO)
  • BioMar* (Vidar Gundersen, Global Sustainability Director)
  • China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Association* (Cui HE, Director)
  • Dainichi Corporation (Makoto Tamaru, CEO; Shinsuke Tamaru, COO; Boyd Way, Director, Foreign Trade Manager)
  • Optimal Aquafeed (Joe Rezek, R&D Manager; Adam Bean, Lab Manager)
  • Rangen* (David Brock, Aquaculture Nutritionist)
  • Shenzhen Alpha Feed Co.* (Chaolin XIANG, Technical Director of Crustacean Feed Department)
  • ShrimpVet & EcoSeafood Group (ESG)* (Loc Tran, Founder-CEO & Nong Lam University at Ho Chi Minh City, Department of Aquaculture Pathology, College of Fisheries Professor; Ngan Nguyen, ShrimpVet Commercial Director)
  • Star Milling (Iva Gaglione, Aquaculture Feed Manager)
  • SyAqua* (Craig Browdy, CTO)
  • The Fishery, Inc* (Ken Beer, Founder)
  • TwoXSea & McFarland Springs* (Bill Foss, Co-owner)
  • Yuehai Feed Group* (Xuezhi ZHU, Vice Technical Manager)

  • Charles Darwin University (Sunil Kadri, Professor of Tropical Aquaculture)
  • Dalhousie University School for Resource and Environmental Studies* (Peter Tyedmers, Acting Director and Professor)
  • Stanford University (Roz Naylor, William Wrigley Professor in Earth System Science, Senior Fellow at Stanford Woods Institute and the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, founding Director at the Center on Food Security and the Environment, and Professor of Economics; Jessica Lu, MBA Student; Anli Chen, MBA Student)
  • Texas A&M University (Delbert M. Gatlin, Regents Professor & AgriLife Research Senior Faculty Fellow, Department of Ecology and Conservation Biology)
  • University of Arizona* (Kevin Fitzsimmons, F3 Judge, Past President of the World Aquaculture Society; Shane Burgess, Vice President for the Division of Agriculture, Life and Veterinary Sciences, and Cooperative Extension; Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; Director of the Arizona Experiment Station)
  • University of California (Jackson Gross, Cooperative Extension Aquaculture Specialist)
  • University of Connecticut (Keegan Jalbert, Undergraduate Research, NSF Innovation Corps)
  • University of Massachusetts Boston* (Michael Tlusty, F3 Judge, Associate Professor)
  • Xiamen University* (Ling Cao, F3 Judge, Professor; Chunyu Liu, PhD Candidate; Ziyu Jiang, PhD Candidate)
  • Zhejiang University* (Yan WANG, Professor)

  • Bon Appetit Management Company* (Maisie Ganzler, Strategic Advisor, Leadership Team & Author)
  •* (Mike Tonetti, CEO)
  • Seatopia* (Clark Kissiah, Director of Operations)

  • Aquaculture Stewardship Council* (Michiel Fransen, Director Standards & Science)
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium* (Jennifer Dianto Kemmerly, VP of Global Ocean Conservation; Tyler Isaac, Seafood Watch Aquaculture Program Manager)
  • Pew Charitable Trusts* (Nikki Bransome, Senior Officer Pew Bertarelli Protecting Antarctica’s Southern Ocean)
  • The Nature Conservancy (Taryn Stamper, Aquaculture Fellow)

Consultants and Other Participants
  • Aquatic Feed Technologies* (Rick Barrows, Founder, F3 CSO)
  • Cognoscenti LLC (Ewen McLean, Principal)
  • Fed by Blue (Jennifer Bushman, Co-Founder)
  • Finless Foods (Michael Selden, CEO & Co-founder)

  • (Lucia Barreiro, Editor)
  • Fishfirst* (Dan LUO, Journalist)